A big step forward...

The plans this morning was to try and extubate again. When we arrived however they told us that because Emily had such big problems the last time they wanted two doctors to be present. At this time they were occupied and would not be able to do this for a while. Instead Emily could have some food and after that she would have to fast for 6 hours before removing the respirator. So the new plans were to try at 18:00.
She had been awake a couple of times and were still giving the nurses grief but they, just as us, were happy that she had the will to fight, they just didn't want her to pull any tubes out.
I actually got to see her blue eyes for a short while, not fully open and not all there, but that was good enough for me..:)

We came back when they planned to extubate her and when we got into the room we were met by a little girl without the respirator and she sounded just fine! Yes, a bit wheezy, but that is to be expected. She was moving a lot more, but she was still sleeping, just a lot lighter now...
I hope that noone will think bad of me for putting this photo on the blogg, I do not think it is scary or inapropriate, infact I can finally see her little face again without the tubes..:)
The little tube that are still in her nose is for feeding. The blanket over her head is just to pull down over her eyes when she gets upset,that way she calms down...

She will stay in ICU over night and hopefully we can come down to the ward tomorrow. It will be a tough time ahead but just to have her with us again is worth anything to come...

Finally, I want to send my thoughts and hugs to Efa and Ezze, they just lost their fourlegged friend Bellman, much to soon. I was so hoping that the outcome would be better and that he could come back home again...


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