Day 2..

At this time we have been with Emily several times and once more there are some changes, but nothing close to what we went through yesterday ...

The night was strange, no little girl snoring in her bed, no small noices or loud flatulence .. lol .. Just going out to eat without having her around was unreal.

After breakfast we went to see her and was told that they planned to extubate Emily and that they had started to wake her up a slowly. If everything went according to plan, she would come down to the ward later today or tomorrow.
At half past 11, they started to extubate her and we left the room because they said it might be hard for the parents to be there. We stayed outside for a while but when it dragged on and the staff around Emily increased, we went back inside to see what happened. As soon as we got inside we knew there was something wrong. Emily did not breathe the way she should, she struggled with each breath and they asked if she had had trouble breathing before. Since she had not they said that it probably was due to either the operation itself, or that the tube had been irritating her. We went away for a while to let them work alone and we knew that there was no danger to Emily.

After a while the doctor who extubated Emily called us and said that they had to put her back on the respirator. She had been unable to breathe and her airway was swollen. She will now be in the respirator for 1-2 days before she can come down on the ward.

We have been to see her again and she is back to sleep and all the values look amazing, her saturation is between 85-90, which is a big difference compared to before the operation.

We also finally got her nice gift that was waiting for her down here. Thanks girls!

This little teddy messenger is from Åsa and Sus. It looks so much like Bettan the Irish wolfhound .. lol ..

I took some photos of little one, just to have so that when she gets older we can show her what she went through. I do not intend to put them here because they can be hard to watch and that is not my intention with this blogg..


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