Before the blogg


The blogg was made when Emily turned 5 months and we wanted to share some of the moments from the time before the blogg.
It will be some photos and videos..

7 dagar gammal och vilar på pappas mage inne på sjukhussalen.
7 days old and resting on daddys tummy in the room at the hospital.

Me and my many faces, 3 weeks old.

Emily & gammelfarmor. 31 Maj 2009
Emily with great grandmother Eva, 31 Maj 2009

Emily och björnen som var en gåva från Holländska vänner.
Emily and Nico the bear that was a gift from Dutch friends..

Morfars keps
Emilys grandfater loves hats, this one was a bit too big..:)

Morfars keps igen
Granddad is at it again, this time with his hat...:)

Trying to get a good photo of Emily and the teddy she got from her mothers auntie...

Äntligen bra
We finally made it!

Första ången i gräset
First time in the grass...strange feeling..:)

Talking to my mum and trying to feel my new teeth, all at the same time..:)


She loves her "new" chair. It is still a bit big though..

The second try at having potatoes... she is not keen on it yet..:)


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