First week back home..

There has been a lot of going back and forth to the hospital and as you all might understand, the computor is not my first prioroty right now..:) That is why the blogg has not been updated..

Here is a summary of what has happened the last week.

The first night at home (Monday) was a tough one. Emily had a hard time relaxing and woke up every 30 minutes crying. We also had to wake her up every third hour to feed her, she was still not eating more than 60-100ml per meal. So we were all exhausted the next morning...

On the tuesday we went back to ALC early in the morning and tests and checkups were done. She was examined by a doctor and she could clearly see that Emilys eardrums and throat were red, the infection was now a fact and a good indication as to why she did not want to eat. An x-ray of the lungs and an ultrasound of the heart wer done.
The x-ray showed that there were no fluids in the lungs but they were a bit inflated so she got medicine to inhale.
The ultrasound were made to see if there were any fluid around the heart, they suspected this because of Emilys weak and highpitch voice. No fluids were found and the only explanation for her voice are the many intubations she went through. This will hopefully be better with time.. Same thing with the virus, we can only wait for it to go away. They wanted to do more bloodtests in a day or two to make sure that the infection did not get worse.

We went back again on wednesday to do some more tests and to check her weight. She was eating a lot better, between 100-150 ml per meal but she was still loosing weight...

Thursday was spent at home, we got the day off..:)

Home again and playing on the floor.:) It is hard to belive that it is only 2 weeks ago she had surgery...

On friday we went back to ALC to leave a bloodsample and to do the normal checkups (saturation, bloodpressure, breathing frequence and weight) Once again she had lost weight.. She was 7310 grams compared to almost 7700 grams before the surgery. It is perfectly normal to loose weight after a surgery and everything she went through but it is 2 weeks ago now and she should not keep loosing weight...
We got some suppliment to give her in the food and I am glad to say that she is starting to really like her food again, hopefullt we will have our little chubby back again soon...)
The bloodtest showed that the infection was going down and her eardrums were not red anymore.
We got some medicine for her tummy and hopefully that will help her with the vomiting and to settle her stomach.

Her wound was now healed and looked great so we asked the doctors about something we have been waiting to do and they said it was ok... So, when we were done at the hospital we went straight back home and gave little one a bath, she was so happy:)

We have the weekend off now and have to go back on monday, if everything looks good they will discharge us and we will be back in a week or two..

I will of course keep you all up to date in the future as well, perhaps not as often as I have now and hopefully with some everyday stories and some more fun ones..

Hugs to you all out there, if you only knew how much you have helped from all the corners of the world. Thank you...


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