First christmas...

It has been here now and gone again.... Christmas that is. It was Emilys first christmas and she had some new fun meetings and experiences. Although, a while there we did not know if the whole family would be together.. Keith got stuck in England when heavy snow hit the country and he missed his flight back to Sweden. He got lucky and was able to get a standby ticket on a flight next day, so christmas was saved..:)

We hope that you all have had a wonderful christmas and that the new year will bring lots of happy moments!

Here is a portfolio of Emilys christmas and a video of her and her new bestest friends...

Emilys new favourites...Nanny and granddad swedens dogs, this is 2 of them. Bettan and Diva.

Trying to play with as many toys as possible...

Just checking what is on the telly...

Having a bath in the livingroom ( haven't done that before..)

Look, my new cute clothes that nanny and granddad sweden gave me :)

Just chilling..

Christmas food is best shared with loved ones..

Awwww, what could this be? A gift from my sister and family :)

Hmm, uncle Daniel was a bit scary in the beginning but if you bring fruit even a little girl melts..:)

After all of this it is not possible to keep ones eyes open...

Otherwise, nothing new to tell you, Emily is doing great and has had her shot for the RS-virus and will have the next one in Januari. She had her second vaccination against childhood diseases  and she did really good this time, perhaps she is getting used to all the needles she is having...

We will get back to you all soon again..:)

Hugs to you all!


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