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Here are some news from the last few days.

Before little ones operation we kept away from most everything and everyone, afraid that she would catch something. We are still very careful but are out a bit more. The other day we went into town (Stockholm) and it was the first time on the subway for Emily. The trip in was not to fun, packed with people but the trip back was better and she could sit on dads lap, looking at all the people.
The man in the roof screaming at every station was a bit scary though...:)

The nights are still not back to normal and Emily wakes up crying on and off through out the night, never getting the proper sleep, just like her parents..:)
We are not quite sure what is wrong but we think that the picture below show what could be one reason...

Lots of teeth on the way in a little mouth..

Now that she is eating a lot better we have started to give her potatoes and carrots again. She is ok with it but nothing is as good as the milk..:) It does however give her some practice in sitting in one of her chairs.

Look at me mummy :)

The last little bit of news but not the least is the next picture. Emily was playing on the floor and all of a sudden this is what we saw...

Only the arms go before a full turn around:)

So, finally some everyday news from us, not just hopitals and treatments, it will be a lot of that to come anyway..


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