Fashion show..

The other day there were 2 parcels in the post....all the way from England. They contained lovely cardigans, 4 made by nanny England and 1 made by auntie Doreen.
We just had to have a little fashion show, to let you all see the cardigans. Unfortunatelly some of the photos were a bit dark, but you can still see a happy littl girl..:)
(one of the cardigans is not shown here)

Today was hospital day again, everything looked just fine and she had put on weight, she is now 7720 grams. The doctor also decided to lower her diuretic medicine, she will now have it twice a day instead of three. Next visit will be in a month.
Emily also had her vaccination against the swine flu so we will have to keep a watchful eye on her to make sure she is ok. Of course she might have some fever and be a bit affected by it but it should not get any worse than that. So far she is doing good.
Now it is just mum and dad to go...

We also recieved some photos from our visit at Anna & Kaz, one of them just had to be put on this site:)

Visiting Anna & Kaz (Björn) Hope to see you soon again!


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