Time is really flying and it shows when looking at Emily, she is 6 months already...:)
Not only is she quite big for her age and has lots of teeth on the way, the other day she sat up in her pram when we were out shopping. That was when we decided that it was time to start using the pushchair instead. She is still a bit wobbly but with the right filling around her and straps to hold her in place it works great. And Emily.. well, she could not be happier, she can see a lot more now.:)

The overalls are still a bit big even though it is the same size as the clothes she is starting to wear now.. long as it keeps her warm we are happy.:)

It as been a few days now since she had the vaccination for the dreaded influensa and she is doing just fine, she had a bit of a fever and was tired but otherwise ok. Mum has had her shot as well so it is only dad to go...

This is how happy a little girl can be, even though she had her vaccination just a couple of hours earlier.

The days are starting to get back to normal again, Emily is a bit more whiny than before the surgery and a lot more noisy, but that has a lot to do with her development as well..:)

Hugs from all of us!


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