Lots to learn.

Little one is learning new things all the time, she is eating "normal food" a lot better and has discovered some other skills as well.

After a couple of times in the walker she has figured out what to do..
Well almost...:)

And then we have the big favourite, the bath, with a funny new side to it...

Emily thinks that dad might need a bath as well.. :)

And after the bath, this is how happy a little girl can be... at least 9 times of 10...lol

At this moment everything is just fine with all of us so we can spend the days just discovering new things and new games to play.
We are finally able to pick Emily up the way we used to and she loves to stand up and has managed to turn over on her tummy a couple of times.
So, lots of progress in our everyday life, just the way it should be. :)


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