A small step back..

Not at all as bad as it might sound but not quite according to plan..

Because Emily decided that she would not have her feedingtube anymore we have been giving her the medication straight into her mouth, this has not been appriciated and has (at least we think so) made her reluctant to take the bottle. So, that is not a good thing because that means that they might have to put the tube back, something we do not want to happen. But, she does need the fluids and the nutrition and if she does not eat it is the only way forward...

Above everything else she has got a skinrash, what it is we do not know yet, it might just be from the heat when she is in bed and/or her swetting but she does also have a slight fever so they keep her under close observation...

I also thought that my camera had broken and we went in to town to see if anyone could help me fix it. After learning that it would have to be sent away and that it would be at least 1500 SKr we went back to the room and I hit it a few times and now it works. :) So I managed to get a fun photo of little one..

We forgot her hat when going to the hospital, so they lent us one. As you can see it was a bit too small. :)

Luckily we had her own hat in the room at the hotel so she did not have to be embarassed for long.
She has had a lot of walks today and she relaxes every time she gets outside. She is slowly getting back to her old rutines..


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