Going home soon...

There has been some examinations today as well, some less fun like taking bloodsamples and some a bit more fun, like the man with the stick-man..:)

The bloodsample was taken this morning and it showed that Emily has some sort of infection, probably a virus, so all we can do is wait for it to go away. She also got some hydrocortisone cream for the rash and it helped a lot, the rash is still there but looks a lot better and is not as red as before and hopefully not as annoying...
She has been eating a lot better, has been a lot happier and has been able to sleep a bit more. So...going home tomorrow is still the plan..

With her favourite toys..

We were lso visited by a neurologist, he checked Emilys reactions and behaviour, as a follow up because of what happened to her after the operation when she had to have heartcompressions for 6½ minutes.. He thought that she looked perfect and we should not be worried about anything. It is really only me and Keith that can tell if she is not developing the way she should and if there is any thing wrong with her and nothing points to that at this moment.:)
That by the way was the man with the stick-man. He took a spatula and drew a face on it, he then tried to get Emily to follow it when he moved it but she was just looking straight at him, so that didn't work..lol..

We also managed to use the inhaler on a sleeping little girl. That was good for both us and her because she really hates it..

We would like to that everyone in the staff, nurses, doctors and everyone else. You have all been amazing andhas managed to take care of us wrecks called parents. We would like to mention a few of you and if you are not mentioned please take no offence, there has been so many new names to remember. Your faces and work are not forgotten in our hearts.

Lindha, you were amazing to all of us from day one and helped us keep our spirits high.
Josefin, you took care of us when we could barely keep our heads above the surface, and above that, you looked after our daughter in intensive care.
Carina, you were taking care of us in the ward and although Emily might not have loved it, we were happy to have you around.
Jens you took care of our daughters heart, need we say more?
Åsa, Lisa, Astrid, Pia, Helena, Anita, Peter, David, Thomas and so many others... Thank you all for what you have done for us!

We will surely meet again.. Of course we would wish we did not have to under these circumstances but we know that Emily will need more surgerys and when that happens, we know that we are safe with all of you around us.

Emilys wonderful nurse Carina saying goodbye...


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