Going home..

On monday October 19th the time had come to go back home. :)

Since Emily clearly showed signs of a viral infection the doctors in Lund wanted us to go straight to Astrid Lindgren Childrens hospital (ALC) in Stockholm. She still did not eat as well as wanted and they were worried that she might be dehydrated. Before the surgery she had 220 ml every meal, no she would only take 50-80ml.. Not good at all and now we were really glad that she had such a good weight before the surgery.

This was a special made chair that we could use in the pram.
A really good invention but it was a bit difficult getting her out of it again, we could not lift her the way we used to...

She still hates taking her medicine in the mouth, but the syringe is fun to play with..:)

At 11 o'clock it was time for us to leave. We said our goodbye and began the long journey home. Luckily we could once again stay at Anna and Kaz for a much to short but relaxing break...:)

At around 20:30 we arrived in Stockholm and ALC. We were greated by some known and unknown faces and they took the tests needed on Emily. We decided to go home over night and return to the hospital again the next morning. They agreed to that only because we live 10 minutes away, otherwise they would have liked us to stay in the hospital. We could not wait to get back home again and get Emily back to normal surroundings.

After two very long weeks we finally stepped into our flat again...


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