I can too...

Well, another day in the right direction..:)

We met the doctors again today and they had some great news to deliver.. We are hopefully going home to Stockholm on Monday! It might be back to the hospital in Stockholm but we don't care about that as long as it is back to our hometown...

Today they did an ultrasound to check the shunt and it looks good. The lungs were x-rayed as well.
She is still a bit wheezy and is on medication 4 times a day. We found out that this could be beacause of the operation. Her lungs have more circulation going through them now and they have to work a bit more than before, a direct cause from this can be some respiratory problems in the beginning.

She also decided that the feedingtube had to go so she just pulled it out..:) She has not been taking the bottle and to try and get her back on track with that she might need to get really hungry, so at that point we decided to let her wait for her food a little bit...  After an hour or so she began showing signs of being hungry so her dad tried the bottle...and.. success! (of course the tube would have been put back if she did not take the bottle for a while).

The little mischievous one, without the tube..:)

Eating again, the right way...

At this moment little one is in her bed blowing bubbles and talking to her dad.. The last sign we were waiting for:)

We also got our other big wish come through today... We had our first walk outside and within 5 minutes Emily was asleep in the pram.:)

Posted by: Lindha


Its so god to see Emily in so god shape :)

I have you all in my mind always....

I really hope i see you all before you going home at monday!! And if i dont drive carefully ::)

Love Lindha

2009-10-17 @ 19:37:50

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