Lost manual...

Today (Sept 30th) was hospital time again and we met with A-K at the cardiologyward in Astrid Lindgren Childrens hospital. We met M from the ward we were in when Emily was admitted and she said that Emily had grown a lot and wished us all the best for next week and the surgery...
Inside the room with A-K it was time to check the weight and we kind of felt that this was special because a lot of people had commented on Emilys growth. Last time we had a checkup (Sept 9th) she weighed 6760 grams, this time it was 7650 grams!! A-K said that it was obvious that Emily had lost the manual for a heartchild..lol.. They are normally struggling to gain weight and are a bit smaller than normal. She was also 66,5 cm long.
The saturation was around 85-86, last time it was 81-82..
So we were all very happy with the results and A-K said that this could not be better with concerns to the upcoming surgery.

Weird that you can be so happy to have a little chubby in the house..lol..


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