Now we are on the path again..

Little one is back!

When Keith walked into her room late yesterday he heard someone laughing. He walked up to her bed and there she was, laughing at the nurses. They were playing with her and she was fully enjoying it. :)

This morning when we arrived she was asleep but we were told that she had been awake and happy. She had had a few short naps during the morning and in between she had been playing with the nurses. To let her have the rest she needs we left to go and celebrate with some coffee and a cookie. Even though the prize would have stopped us normaly, it was worth every penny today!

90 Skr for this! (8,50 Euro) You would have though we were still in Stockholm..

Later today we will give Emily a wash and then, if everything goes according to plans, we will go down to the ward. So today will be a busy day.

I will write again as soon as I get some time to do so..


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