On the path again...

This morning we were met by a girl who had been sleeping a lot during the night. She was still on the respirator but it would be removed during the morning. When that was done we sat with her and tried to calm her down again. Keith held her for a while but she would not settle so we put her back in the bed. I started talking to her to get her to relax and suddenly I saw a glimpse of my little girl again, we had eye contact and she calmed down, then she turned her head and looked at Keith.

She recognized us!

Emily finally looked at us again after all these days... Sure, she was still groggy, but now she reacted to the surroundings, she had not done that before. She alternated between looking at me and her dad. She listened to the melody coming from her toy and looked at the others in the room. She also did what she did before surgery, she was blowing bubbles with her mouth ..:)
When we fed her through the tube Keith also gave her some milk through a syringe in her mouth and she ate and swallowed just the way she should. For the first time in a long time, she was calm, not inconsolable as before ... The nurses were just as happy as we were when they saw the change. Some of them have been there almost every day and has seen how Emily has behaved, and this is a step in the right direction.

When we left her this evening, it was a bit of a struggle again, she had it tough and it is mostly abstinence but also a troublesome throat . After all, she has been intubated 3-4 times which left their mark on her throat, she is still almost without a voice and she is wheezy and surely very sore.

Keith is saying: Two very small steps on the road to recovery...

But, after all, much progress today. Now we hope for more tomorrow ...

Hugs to you all.


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