Our own room...

We have been in our new room for a few hours now, all the tubes and needles are gone (exept one).
Emily has been showing everyone her pretty smile but has also been struggeling. She doesn't really trust the nurses yet, as soon as they touch her she gets upset.. She is also really having a hard time with all the mucus in her throat and as soon as she coughs she starts crying. So, she is not yet relaxed but she will be soon, she just needs time, just like us...

A bit whoozy, but I do recognize my mum..:)

We now have to learn how to pick her up without hurting her, weigh her nappies, feed her through the tube and just be there for her again... It is hard, especially when she gets upset and there is nothing we can do, we can not give her what she wants, the drugs...
She did have a short nap in the new room and now we are just waiting for her to stop fighting tiredness and go to sleep again..

We will have some help tonight, the nightnurses will take care of Emily because she needs checkups every hour. It is really needed, being able to have a proper nightsleep is gold worth...:) We have a lot to come and need to be rested.

Posted by: Nico Heij

What a relief to see it's goin better piece by piece. I think you have been through one of the most horrible movies of what life can be.

Here in Holland we've talked about it every day. We all are happy to see you eating choclate cake with the coffee. The photographs are showing us, that Emily has her good moments. We are aware of that there will be some moments to be worried about too.

I sincerely hope that you will be workin on the both of you. You have had very tragic moments, and, however difficult, you have to go somewhere with those rememberings (thoughts). I know, its quite early in the process to say this, but the more early you give time to yourselves, the faster you will recover and feel stronger (and better).

We hope Emily will get more speed in gettin better. Our thoughts are with you, Keith and Nina.

A big hug from Enkhuizen, Holland :)


2009-10-15 @ 16:50:01

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