Out of the hospital..

Yes, it has finally happened, we have been released from the hospital. :) We have a check up again next week, but until then we can just relax and take care of each other.

On Monday, they were slightly worried that her liver felt a bit big and that she had not been peeing much, an ultrasound was done and the doctor could see that the liver was infact enlarged, and that this was due to fluids. She had gained 120grams over the weekend which was a bit on the high side and another sign of fluid in the body.
The shunt they put in her in Lund is so far a bit too big for Emily, she must grow into it, but what this means is that her heart have to work harder and this may cause fluids in the body. 
They increased the dose of her diuretic medication and today when we were back everything looked much better, she has also urinated a lot better ..:)

Little one has also begun to gain weight again and is now eating 180ml/meal, really good. When we weighed her today, she weighed 7530g.
As soon as the results of the blood tests had come back and all the other checks were made and ok, we were told we were being released.
So, the thing that is most troublesome for Emily right now is that her upper teeth are starting to show :)

We also had a package from mum Ninas work. When we opened it up it was a gift for Emily in it with best wishes from all of the workmates.

Thank you all!
This is how little one reacted..:)

We will be back again soon...


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