Sleeping beauty...

Another day with a sleeping little girl..

She has woken up a few times, causing the nurses some problems, trying to sit up, turn around or pull the tubes out.. That's our little girl, a real fighter. The nurses told us that she is a stubborn and strong girl and someone always has to stay by her side because if she wakes up she is to quick trying to take the tubes and wires away...
The drainage from the wound were removed today, so at least some of the tubes are gone. Tomorrow, they will try to remove the respirator again, I hope it works better this time and that we can finally see our little girl awake again. She did see her father with half an eye today because she had one of her awakenings when we arrived to say hello, but the nurses were quick to give her the "sleepydrops"..:)

She was allowed to have the beautiful blanket that nanny has knitted and her favorite toy, the butterfly .. Just so that she will have some familiar smells and things around her, not just lots of strangers and wires.

Her little roommate moved down to the ward and a new little boy has arrived instead. We hope that everything goes their way in the future. The little girl we are sure to meet down in the ward once again.

There is not much news today, but on the other hand it means that everything is ok right now ..

Thank you all for the kind words, it is so nice to know that we have so many caring friends out there!

Hugs to you all!


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