Small steps forward..

We have been in the ward for over a day now and Emily is making progress, she still has a long way to go but is doing better already. She slept well during the night and has been in a good mood today.
She is swetting a lot, another withdrawal symptom and we have to be a bit watchful because she also has diuretic medicine and she must not get dehydrated.. The doctor gave her some medicine to take through the inhalator and she sounds a lot better in her throat now.
She is still not sure about the people in blue or white clothes, she keeps a watchful eye on them when they arrive in the room.:)

She is still not sleeping the way she should, she wakes up easily and fights sleeping so much. Hopefully it will all be better soon.

Tomorrow we might be able to take her outside for a walk and she can see her friends the trees again.

It is small, tiny steps but as long as they are in the right direction we are happy. 

Hugs to all of you..


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