The trip to Lund


Now that I have the opportunity again I'll write a bit more than before because little one has finally gone to sleep after having loooots of fun by her self in the crib,  loudly may well be said:)

We began the trip to Lund on sunday morning and luckily Emily likes the car and can handle fairly large distances.
Sometimes it is too much for a little girl though...

Even if it is in the middle of the game and dad is singing in the background, you get soooo tired sometimes...

We got a wonderful break just over half way when we stopped at Anna and Kaz. Thank you both, you are the best.:)

We arrived in Lund at 18 o'clock and checked in to the patient hotel. Unfortunately we missed dinner, but got us some sandwiches and soon we all slept well ..

At 8:40 on Monday morning it was time for the chest radiograph. Everything went fine until Emily got on the bench, then she would not have it any more. Luckily, the pictures will come out better if the child is crying so that was just fine then ..:)
After that it was time to go to the ward and sign in. We got to meet the staff and the saturation was checked again (now it was down to 78-79), she weighed (7560g) and then it was time for the hard bit... Blood samples ..
It was taken from her head and a very upset Emily gave blood to 6 small tubes, then they checked the heart with ECG and UCG (ultrasoundcardiografi). When that was done we had some free time so we went down to town to get mobile broadband, do I have to say that Emily slept like a log for several hours in her pram?

In the borrowed pram and her still very much toooo big overalls...:)

Once back in the hospital after a flying visit in the center we were told that the operation is postponed until this Wednesday and we will meet the surgeon and staff from the ICU tomorrow instead of today so that it will come close to the operation. Back to the ward again 15.00 tomorrow.

So .. To be continued....

Emily and dad are relaxing in the hotelroom while mum gets the internet set up..


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