Lots to learn.

Little one is learning new things all the time, she is eating "normal food" a lot better and has discovered some other skills as well.

After a couple of times in the walker she has figured out what to do..
Well almost...:)

And then we have the big favourite, the bath, with a funny new side to it...

Emily thinks that dad might need a bath as well.. :)

And after the bath, this is how happy a little girl can be... at least 9 times of 10...lol

At this moment everything is just fine with all of us so we can spend the days just discovering new things and new games to play.
We are finally able to pick Emily up the way we used to and she loves to stand up and has managed to turn over on her tummy a couple of times.
So, lots of progress in our everyday life, just the way it should be. :)

Dad is the best..

Little one is sitting at the kitchen table, playing with her toys and some other great stuff... She throws them on the floor so that dad can pick them up again, a really fun game.
But..look what happens when daddy (outside the picture) makes some funny faces. The toys are forgotten and dad is the only thing she sees. :)
Excuse the somewhat jumpy picture but it is hard not to laugh when she starts..lol..

Toys are fun, but dad is the best...lol

She also had a little pressie..it will take her some time to get used to it but I am sure that the photos show what she thought of it.

Well that was all from us at the moment..




Time is really flying and it shows when looking at Emily, she is 6 months already...:)
Not only is she quite big for her age and has lots of teeth on the way, the other day she sat up in her pram when we were out shopping. That was when we decided that it was time to start using the pushchair instead. She is still a bit wobbly but with the right filling around her and straps to hold her in place it works great. And Emily.. well, she could not be happier, she can see a lot more now.:)

The overalls are still a bit big even though it is the same size as the clothes she is starting to wear now..
But...as long as it keeps her warm we are happy.:)

It as been a few days now since she had the vaccination for the dreaded influensa and she is doing just fine, she had a bit of a fever and was tired but otherwise ok. Mum has had her shot as well so it is only dad to go...

This is how happy a little girl can be, even though she had her vaccination just a couple of hours earlier.

The days are starting to get back to normal again, Emily is a bit more whiny than before the surgery and a lot more noisy, but that has a lot to do with her development as well..:)

Hugs from all of us!

Fashion show..

The other day there were 2 parcels in the post....all the way from England. They contained lovely cardigans, 4 made by nanny England and 1 made by auntie Doreen.
We just had to have a little fashion show, to let you all see the cardigans. Unfortunatelly some of the photos were a bit dark, but you can still see a happy littl girl..:)
(one of the cardigans is not shown here)

Today was hospital day again, everything looked just fine and she had put on weight, she is now 7720 grams. The doctor also decided to lower her diuretic medicine, she will now have it twice a day instead of three. Next visit will be in a month.
Emily also had her vaccination against the swine flu so we will have to keep a watchful eye on her to make sure she is ok. Of course she might have some fever and be a bit affected by it but it should not get any worse than that. So far she is doing good.
Now it is just mum and dad to go...

We also recieved some photos from our visit at Anna & Kaz, one of them just had to be put on this site:)

Visiting Anna & Kaz (Björn) Hope to see you soon again!

A bit of this and that..


Here are some news from the last few days.

Before little ones operation we kept away from most everything and everyone, afraid that she would catch something. We are still very careful but are out a bit more. The other day we went into town (Stockholm) and it was the first time on the subway for Emily. The trip in was not to fun, packed with people but the trip back was better and she could sit on dads lap, looking at all the people.
The man in the roof screaming at every station was a bit scary though...:)

The nights are still not back to normal and Emily wakes up crying on and off through out the night, never getting the proper sleep, just like her parents..:)
We are not quite sure what is wrong but we think that the picture below show what could be one reason...

Lots of teeth on the way in a little mouth..

Now that she is eating a lot better we have started to give her potatoes and carrots again. She is ok with it but nothing is as good as the milk..:) It does however give her some practice in sitting in one of her chairs.

Look at me mummy :)

The last little bit of news but not the least is the next picture. Emily was playing on the floor and all of a sudden this is what we saw...

Only the arms go before a full turn around:)

So, finally some everyday news from us, not just hopitals and treatments, it will be a lot of that to come anyway..