Some updates.

Well there has been some time since I updated the site and that has a lot to do with less time to spend since I am back to work again.. :)

Emily is doing just fine. We were back to hospital this monday and she now weighs 9,2 kilos and have a saturation of 88, so we are very happy about that. Next week there will be a new examination and I will fill you in on that too.

I just wanted to post a picture that the surgeon drew for us when we were in Lund. It is a simple picture of Emilys heart, with the specific defects that she has. It looks a bit funny because I coloured it to make it easier to see what is what, but I am sure you can cope :) There is also a picture of a "normal" heart so that you cn see how it should be...


The top MAPCA vessle was moved from its place and is now attached to the pulmonary artery on one side and a shunt has been put in between the other side of the pulmonary artery and the jugular vein to increase the bloodflow and hopefully make the arteries grow a bit more.

I will be back soon and fill you in on what is happening...

In the meantime, her are some photos of a big girl :)